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In 1985, Daily Long Co., Ltd. was founded in Taipei, Taiwan, with diversified business activities related to trading. In the same year we invested in Nigeria and set up a warehouse company for motorcycle parts imports and distribution. Given Nigeria, has 194 million populations which is the largest in western Africa, with its abundant supply of nature resources; but the basic industry is still in its infancy and relies on imports deeply. Thus, in 1986, we set up a factory specialized in the production of motorcycle related aluminum die-casting parts in Nigeria.

We have been selling “DAY LONG” brand as well as on an OEM basis for motorcycle parts with a good market in the continent of Africa, and we branched out to the motorcycle market in 2000. Having more than 2,000 containers export annually via China Mainland, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Dubai etc. We provide wild-range of products include motorcycles and spare parts, auto parts, various all kinds of vehicle tires, generators, outboard motor parts, engine oil and so on.


    Since the competition of global market is increasingly intense. We provide our customers superior quality products coupled with competitive prices. To ensure that strictly quality control to meet all of products in the most proper and direct way, we established Shanghai office in 2006, and established Guangzhou office in the following year, which owns professional technology and quality control personnel. The ultimate aim is achieving our commitment to customers



    Over 33 years, we have set roots for localization in Nigeria. We adhere to play a professional role focusing on the production and sale of the high-quality products and further to support our dealers on the track. We have extensive marketing experiences and strong management team, widely distribution networks those customers across Nigeria and the neighboring countries of Africa.


    Shortly, we will set up bases in other cities in China, South Asia, and India. In addition, we and our partners are gradually exploring new dimensions in IT, 3C and general purpose engine products, Solar, building material and other products, and will actively expand to other overseas market, such as Latin American, United States, European market etc.. Our company has been advancing towards the goal of sustainable management. In the upcoming three decades, we are confident to have "DAYLONG" continuously grow and be prosperous in the future of 40 years, 50years, even 100 years.

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